Sunday, October 7, 2012

Its been A While

Oh My Its Been a While!!we've been very busy and hectic here at our little farm..have not gotten much crafting done.We've all had the flu TWICE!!yikes..While I was sick I managed to get a bit of hand sewing in a Few little trinkets here and there..One I thought I might share With you are these cute little Christmas ornaments..Minnie mitten snow men .
The materials for these are

Old sweater
black marker or paint
bits of orange felt or orange paint,marker etc
home spun fabric pieces

As I'm not one for using patterns I just eye balled it.Drew out the shape of a small mitten onto a square cut from old white sweater..I did this till i had 4 pieces that were very close to matching in size.quick stitched around the outside with crochet thread stuff with a little cotton sew or draw on a nose draw the eyes and mouth add some decorative touches to the top and wallah.... :) simple and quick and very cute!!

Thanks for stopping by...