Sunday, October 7, 2012

Its been A While

Oh My Its Been a While!!we've been very busy and hectic here at our little farm..have not gotten much crafting done.We've all had the flu TWICE!!yikes..While I was sick I managed to get a bit of hand sewing in a Few little trinkets here and there..One I thought I might share With you are these cute little Christmas ornaments..Minnie mitten snow men .
The materials for these are

Old sweater
black marker or paint
bits of orange felt or orange paint,marker etc
home spun fabric pieces

As I'm not one for using patterns I just eye balled it.Drew out the shape of a small mitten onto a square cut from old white sweater..I did this till i had 4 pieces that were very close to matching in size.quick stitched around the outside with crochet thread stuff with a little cotton sew or draw on a nose draw the eyes and mouth add some decorative touches to the top and wallah.... :) simple and quick and very cute!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

sentimental upcycling

Good Afternoon!!actually its more like morning to me"ugh"As we are just now waking up from a very long night!Baby girl didn't sleep more than a wink and she coughed and whimpered all night long,Poor thing!so when she finally went back to sleep at 8 am I was out right along with her..Slept till almost noon !I hate doing coffee in hand and starting the day thought I would share a lil project we took on trying to use nothing but up cycled things..I wanted a prettier more inviting Garage entrance..And My poor husband has learned to never judge My hair brain ideas till he sees them done .I wanted to turn the set of toddler size bunk beds I had made my sons into a small porch(grinning) here is what it looked like when we started..well at least after we had scraped the garage of flaking paint and torn out the existing side walk ..
I gathered up what I had around the farm,Scrap wood, paint from the re store,pallets left over from our Bonn fire and bricks I had saved for a rainy day!And of course My hand made toddler size bunk bed..It was an emotional moment deciding to use the bed..It was hand made when my oldest was 2.Just tall enough for the top bunk to be used as a changing station and took standard crib mattresses..My oldest used the bottom bunk until my middle son was old enough to go into a toddler he felt such a big boy when he was able to finally sleep up top(even tho it was only 3 feet from the floor lol)when the boys grew out of it It was passed to my daughter and then later converted into a full size canopy bed by putting them side by side and adding a bigger mattress.
when My daughter turned 13 she decided this bed was just not suitable for a teenager and it was then retired to the barn..I had considered saving it for my grand daughter but my husband and I decided we would build her a new bed of her own when the time comes..Soo Back to the project!!
we got a little ahead of ourselves..started piecing the walk and porch together before we did the painting :/ we got the bed situated where we wanted it and added a row of slatted barn wood ..then we started on the walk way..We used pallets with the tops removed and then added barn wood to the top then the arbor part..we used pieces of wood my in laws had given me from redoing their living room and for the top I used an old pallet taken apart and re configured..
I didn't like how the bigger section coming off the porch looked so we took that out and made it all one size..think It turned out so much better that way..we added a few new coats of paint to the garage painted everything else red and added some rock borders and lights and other decorative things..and walllaaa!!

Its not perfect and is a little rustic looking ,But I love it that way...and it cost us nothing...well I'm off to work on my blanket project some Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grins And Giggles and Yawns oh my

Yawn!!Pulling a late nighter here on the farm kids are sick so Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue..Grandpa drove down to get the baby girl for the night so mommy and daddy could rest and get a nights sleep..She on the other hand is wide awake!
But Grandpa has it covered with snuggles and kisses!I never knew I could love another child so much!when you have children you can not imagine ever loving another child as much as you love them!!AND then,you become a grandparent!
My husband doesn't Have any children of his own so having a baby around was something completely new for him..But I think he has jumped in with both feet!He couldn't be any better at here's a picture with Shayna and Grandpa sharing Shayna's hat..
I want to spend every second watching her grow and hugging her ..she just melts our hearts!!I am so thankful That the kids didn't move far :) Just a short get up and go down the road..and its been good for them to!My son works 3rd shift and His wife has needed me a few times In the middle of the night..sometimes when I'm saying all this out loud or even typing it now My head is still saying !!YOUR A GRANDMA!! and this year has went so very very fast..Our lil bug will be 1 on Oct 3rd..It seems like they just brought her home
The minute we found out we were becoming Grandparents we started in on a lil space of her own for here at nan and paps house
Its not a huge room but its absolutely perfect!a lot of the things were handed down from my daughter,whom thought she needed to upgrade to a more teenager style room ...we've sure had alot of changes around our little farm this past year But every one of them have been a blessing!well grandpa has baby girl fast asleep and I think I'm going to catch a few winks before she stirs have a blessed and wonderful sunday!!

and here we go!!

Good Afternoon!!!Hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday!!Its a little windy today and was a bit chilly ..had some clean up around the property(not fun) that's one down side to having so many decorations in the yard..spent a little time in the shop tinkering around and putting some things together.My next project is going to be an attempt at this blanket!Or at least my own version of it..
I'm using fabric from old shirts bought at the salvation army during bag day...they are cheaper than material by the yard and work just as good!!and I try to use all recycled things for my crafts..Its not hard to find great patterns in country style check..well I'm off!wish me luck..I will be back to post some pictures !!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alot Of coffee

Whew!!That storm was a mean one!!I was a little worried about my lil shop,the roof will leak if it blows really badly(sigh)But thankfully I have everything arranged just so only my glass jars might get wet in a bad storm!  Ive got all my finished goodies in there waiting on the holiday bazaar...
since I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing and I really love to write and talk and omygoodness If Ive had alot of coffee I'm a serious chatty Cathy!!I just might post more often than I ANY WAYS! while it was storming and I could not hang out in my shop I drug out some things to work on inside...
I found the idea for these on pinterest..The original post called for Muslin And wouldn't you know I do not have any. so i improvised! I used some old cloth diapers I had left over from my grand baby...and some dish towels I had recently cut up for some other crafty thing.I dipped the smaller two in a mix of cinnamon and tea and painted the other two...waiting on those to dry thought i would play around with some other fabrics... and even try my hand at a it didn't come out so well but at least I know what not to do next time !!

Well my coffee is wearing off and Its way past My bed time.Have a wonderful weekend !!

weathering the storm

Good evening!Oh its thundering and pouring rain..If I didn't love the sounds coming from the roof so much I would be terribly disappointed!Altho I was happy to see my husband had gotten the lawn mowed and trimmed and even weeded my one most pesky flower bed around my pond ...for some reason its the only one out off all of them that I cant keep the weeds from!!
earlier in the spring we took some photos and as I added some things i took more photos..the difference a few plants makes is amazing
I moved into this house ten years ago In august..I had just lost the house I owned in town after a  divorce drove me to bankruptcy..when I was a kid about 8 or 9 my grandmother cared for the elderly man who built this farm.I loved coming here..I helped feed the cows and chased chickens and would never want to come inside!I was out driving one day and saw her standing empty and over grown and fell in love all over again!I was sure there was no way I could afford it but something told me to just check it out,I mean after all what was the worst could happen?I found out that the owner was the grand daughter to the man who built it and she lived a few towns away...So,Here we are! I am a firm believer In that everything happens for a reason!because of this place my children have flourished and learned the values of living in the country,we've lived a modest life earning everything working hard and that makes you appreciate it more!If I hadn't moved here I wouldn't have met my husband,and this is truly where I am supposed to be ..well Its a bit chilly and theres potato soup and hot rolls waiting(my husband cooks better than me ) lol Have a wonderful night God bless!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I think I got it !!

I was having some trouble deciding what to call my Lil shop here at home and came up with ladybug lane primitives,I love making primitive things,But...I make all sorts of stuff out of all sorts of stuff.I live on a small farm and I am one of those people who gets up in the wee hours of the morning to smell the air and have coffee outside.Or just wander the cow pastures and fields.I love being in the country I love the noises the smells the air the barns the animals well I just love it all !! and On the other hand LADYBUGS!! I have a tendency to squeal when i see something with ladybugs about ladybugs or just ladybugs ..some of my friends call me ladybug ..I ran the idea of ladybug lane by my facebook friends and my husband whom all said it was very fitting,But I wasn't comfy with it.It didn't set right or look right on my page so Ive decided on countrybug ..Its suiting to me ..It just fits and i love how it sounds! Now if I can figure out how to change it for I clicked a few pages to add and it said being followed by ladybug lane primitives"sigh" I will figure this out eventually!!

I did however finish a few projects today.I'm making things like crazy to get ready for the craft bazaar on the 27th.I don't have my own space but a friend of mine has agreed to let me pitch in with her to get the feel of doing the booths.I'm really nervous!i had worked on this Lil ditty for a few days.I kept breaking him coming out of the cookie cutter I was using for a mold.then after i molded him I needed to dip him to get my grungy look,He isn't as grungy as The rest of my candles.I only used cinnamon on there and not the whole coffee cinnamon mix.But I think I'm quit happy with him :) well I'm off to bed work day tomorrow and hopefully barn rummaging for some barn wood. Ive got a set of end tables I need to make for my living room !! Have a great night/weekend