Friday, September 7, 2012

Alot Of coffee

Whew!!That storm was a mean one!!I was a little worried about my lil shop,the roof will leak if it blows really badly(sigh)But thankfully I have everything arranged just so only my glass jars might get wet in a bad storm!  Ive got all my finished goodies in there waiting on the holiday bazaar...
since I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing and I really love to write and talk and omygoodness If Ive had alot of coffee I'm a serious chatty Cathy!!I just might post more often than I ANY WAYS! while it was storming and I could not hang out in my shop I drug out some things to work on inside...
I found the idea for these on pinterest..The original post called for Muslin And wouldn't you know I do not have any. so i improvised! I used some old cloth diapers I had left over from my grand baby...and some dish towels I had recently cut up for some other crafty thing.I dipped the smaller two in a mix of cinnamon and tea and painted the other two...waiting on those to dry thought i would play around with some other fabrics... and even try my hand at a it didn't come out so well but at least I know what not to do next time !!

Well my coffee is wearing off and Its way past My bed time.Have a wonderful weekend !!

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