Friday, September 7, 2012

weathering the storm

Good evening!Oh its thundering and pouring rain..If I didn't love the sounds coming from the roof so much I would be terribly disappointed!Altho I was happy to see my husband had gotten the lawn mowed and trimmed and even weeded my one most pesky flower bed around my pond ...for some reason its the only one out off all of them that I cant keep the weeds from!!
earlier in the spring we took some photos and as I added some things i took more photos..the difference a few plants makes is amazing
I moved into this house ten years ago In august..I had just lost the house I owned in town after a  divorce drove me to bankruptcy..when I was a kid about 8 or 9 my grandmother cared for the elderly man who built this farm.I loved coming here..I helped feed the cows and chased chickens and would never want to come inside!I was out driving one day and saw her standing empty and over grown and fell in love all over again!I was sure there was no way I could afford it but something told me to just check it out,I mean after all what was the worst could happen?I found out that the owner was the grand daughter to the man who built it and she lived a few towns away...So,Here we are! I am a firm believer In that everything happens for a reason!because of this place my children have flourished and learned the values of living in the country,we've lived a modest life earning everything working hard and that makes you appreciate it more!If I hadn't moved here I wouldn't have met my husband,and this is truly where I am supposed to be ..well Its a bit chilly and theres potato soup and hot rolls waiting(my husband cooks better than me ) lol Have a wonderful night God bless!!

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