Wednesday, September 5, 2012

getting the hang of it

Well Now that Ive made it here Guess I should Introduce myself.My Name Is Michelle,I'm a mother and grandmother,I work at A retirement home a couple towns away.My husband Robbie and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary..He is my best friend ,partner,my rock!
My Children are ages 20 and 18(sons) and a daughter 14
And then theres my amazing blessing Grand baby girl!!She will be a year old Oct 3, she is the light in her daddy's eyes ..
I love crafting ..I'm addicted to pinterest :) I am learning new ways to do everything!I love trash to treasure,junking,upcycling,repurposing just about anything!my current infatuation is candles..
I (with help from my husband) took over half the garage and turned it into a craft shop of sorts.Its where i do all my work and sell some of the things i make.Its my very happy place :) well i guess that's all for now until next time !!Have a great weekend!!


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