Saturday, September 8, 2012

and here we go!!

Good Afternoon!!!Hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday!!Its a little windy today and was a bit chilly ..had some clean up around the property(not fun) that's one down side to having so many decorations in the yard..spent a little time in the shop tinkering around and putting some things together.My next project is going to be an attempt at this blanket!Or at least my own version of it..
I'm using fabric from old shirts bought at the salvation army during bag day...they are cheaper than material by the yard and work just as good!!and I try to use all recycled things for my crafts..Its not hard to find great patterns in country style check..well I'm off!wish me luck..I will be back to post some pictures !!


  1. The blanket is wonderful...hope you succeed!

    1. Thank you..
      At this point I have just the fabric cut .. (sigh) On the up side I had my first experience with a very large project order..I so did not like and everyones had a bug of some sort and we had several call offs at work so Ive pulled alot of doubles..But things have calmed down a bit and Im determin to get started :)