Thursday, September 6, 2012

I think I got it !!

I was having some trouble deciding what to call my Lil shop here at home and came up with ladybug lane primitives,I love making primitive things,But...I make all sorts of stuff out of all sorts of stuff.I live on a small farm and I am one of those people who gets up in the wee hours of the morning to smell the air and have coffee outside.Or just wander the cow pastures and fields.I love being in the country I love the noises the smells the air the barns the animals well I just love it all !! and On the other hand LADYBUGS!! I have a tendency to squeal when i see something with ladybugs about ladybugs or just ladybugs ..some of my friends call me ladybug ..I ran the idea of ladybug lane by my facebook friends and my husband whom all said it was very fitting,But I wasn't comfy with it.It didn't set right or look right on my page so Ive decided on countrybug ..Its suiting to me ..It just fits and i love how it sounds! Now if I can figure out how to change it for I clicked a few pages to add and it said being followed by ladybug lane primitives"sigh" I will figure this out eventually!!

I did however finish a few projects today.I'm making things like crazy to get ready for the craft bazaar on the 27th.I don't have my own space but a friend of mine has agreed to let me pitch in with her to get the feel of doing the booths.I'm really nervous!i had worked on this Lil ditty for a few days.I kept breaking him coming out of the cookie cutter I was using for a mold.then after i molded him I needed to dip him to get my grungy look,He isn't as grungy as The rest of my candles.I only used cinnamon on there and not the whole coffee cinnamon mix.But I think I'm quit happy with him :) well I'm off to bed work day tomorrow and hopefully barn rummaging for some barn wood. Ive got a set of end tables I need to make for my living room !! Have a great night/weekend


  1. Good morning Michelle,
    What a lovely blog...and I love the name of it!
    You have a beautiful family - and congratulations on your 4 year wedding anniversary....many, many more.
    I see you basically told about how the name of your blog came about - I love that.

    I also see you became one of my followers...I'd love it if you joined in on my challenge of how your blog name came about - I'd love to enter you in the drawing.
    If you would send me an e-mail with the link to THIS POST...I will enter you!


    1. Thank you! I was so excited when i found this blogging sight happened across it tracking a post from pinterest and fell in love with all the charming pages full of info and friends and stories..still learning how to set things up but im getting there, I will try and send a link not sure if i know how to do that just yet ...Have a wonderful weekend !!