Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grins And Giggles and Yawns oh my

Yawn!!Pulling a late nighter here on the farm kids are sick so Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue..Grandpa drove down to get the baby girl for the night so mommy and daddy could rest and get a nights sleep..She on the other hand is wide awake!
But Grandpa has it covered with snuggles and kisses!I never knew I could love another child so much!when you have children you can not imagine ever loving another child as much as you love them!!AND then,you become a grandparent!
My husband doesn't Have any children of his own so having a baby around was something completely new for him..But I think he has jumped in with both feet!He couldn't be any better at here's a picture with Shayna and Grandpa sharing Shayna's hat..
I want to spend every second watching her grow and hugging her ..she just melts our hearts!!I am so thankful That the kids didn't move far :) Just a short get up and go down the road..and its been good for them to!My son works 3rd shift and His wife has needed me a few times In the middle of the night..sometimes when I'm saying all this out loud or even typing it now My head is still saying !!YOUR A GRANDMA!! and this year has went so very very fast..Our lil bug will be 1 on Oct 3rd..It seems like they just brought her home
The minute we found out we were becoming Grandparents we started in on a lil space of her own for here at nan and paps house
Its not a huge room but its absolutely perfect!a lot of the things were handed down from my daughter,whom thought she needed to upgrade to a more teenager style room ...we've sure had alot of changes around our little farm this past year But every one of them have been a blessing!well grandpa has baby girl fast asleep and I think I'm going to catch a few winks before she stirs have a blessed and wonderful sunday!!


  1. Sweet pictures!
    I have 4 grandchildren.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. I have to agree with you about the feeling of becoming a grandparent...a very different kind of love all together (not less, just different) deep.
    What a precious little girl...and the pictures with gramps are beautiful.

    1. I have not had a chance to get to my blog in a busy with some things..thank you she sure does light up our world :)