Sunday, September 9, 2012

sentimental upcycling

Good Afternoon!!actually its more like morning to me"ugh"As we are just now waking up from a very long night!Baby girl didn't sleep more than a wink and she coughed and whimpered all night long,Poor thing!so when she finally went back to sleep at 8 am I was out right along with her..Slept till almost noon !I hate doing coffee in hand and starting the day thought I would share a lil project we took on trying to use nothing but up cycled things..I wanted a prettier more inviting Garage entrance..And My poor husband has learned to never judge My hair brain ideas till he sees them done .I wanted to turn the set of toddler size bunk beds I had made my sons into a small porch(grinning) here is what it looked like when we started..well at least after we had scraped the garage of flaking paint and torn out the existing side walk ..
I gathered up what I had around the farm,Scrap wood, paint from the re store,pallets left over from our Bonn fire and bricks I had saved for a rainy day!And of course My hand made toddler size bunk bed..It was an emotional moment deciding to use the bed..It was hand made when my oldest was 2.Just tall enough for the top bunk to be used as a changing station and took standard crib mattresses..My oldest used the bottom bunk until my middle son was old enough to go into a toddler he felt such a big boy when he was able to finally sleep up top(even tho it was only 3 feet from the floor lol)when the boys grew out of it It was passed to my daughter and then later converted into a full size canopy bed by putting them side by side and adding a bigger mattress.
when My daughter turned 13 she decided this bed was just not suitable for a teenager and it was then retired to the barn..I had considered saving it for my grand daughter but my husband and I decided we would build her a new bed of her own when the time comes..Soo Back to the project!!
we got a little ahead of ourselves..started piecing the walk and porch together before we did the painting :/ we got the bed situated where we wanted it and added a row of slatted barn wood ..then we started on the walk way..We used pallets with the tops removed and then added barn wood to the top then the arbor part..we used pieces of wood my in laws had given me from redoing their living room and for the top I used an old pallet taken apart and re configured..
I didn't like how the bigger section coming off the porch looked so we took that out and made it all one size..think It turned out so much better that way..we added a few new coats of paint to the garage painted everything else red and added some rock borders and lights and other decorative things..and walllaaa!!

Its not perfect and is a little rustic looking ,But I love it that way...and it cost us nothing...well I'm off to work on my blanket project some Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!!



  1. Hey I found you yours looks great I will have to come over for help Lol

  2. that will work :) cause I dont know how to explain things lol better to show you..

  3. HI! Somehow found your blog! Love your country rustic style and good for you having a go! The porch will be great!
    Nice to 'meet' you!

    1. Thank you :) I really love blogging..have been away a lil while so busy have alot of new projects to share :) Nice to meet you also..hope youll stop by again sometime... Michelle..:)

  4. Hi Michelle,
    What a fun project - isn't it funny how we come up with some of our ideas...and even better when our husbands go along with us!
    Turned out just great but I so understand your sentimental thoughts while doing it.